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+Lydia Martin

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Okay so immortal!R. He dives in front of a bullet for Enjolras at a rally and they escape quickly, taking him to E’s apartment because it’s closest. Enjolras is frantic, he can’t get a hold of Combeferre or Joly and he’s tried his best but he just won’t stop bleeding, so he pours out all the things he never said to him because he’s afraid he’ll never get another chance. He tells him he doesn’t think he’s useless, or a coward, he thinks he’s brilliant and he kisses R on his dying breath.

Ten minutes later Enjolras is in the other room on the phone to Combeferre, trying to hold it together as he tells him what happened and where they are, when Grantaire walks in groaning and complaining that his head hurts.
When Enjolras shakily whispers “You died,” R replies, “Yeah, I do that sometimes. Got any coffee?”
And Grantaire thinks he’s going to kill him when he comes towards him but instead he just hugs him really tight and calls him an idiot at least seven times. He asks why he didn’t tell him when he was dying and R says he was saying such nice things he didn’t want to ruin it. So maybe he gets hit for that. But later he just smiles really shyly at Enjolras and asks, “So ‘brilliant’ huh?”

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make me choose between two things
↳coinlaundrys asked: teen wolf or ahs?

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i’m not like other girls


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friends are constantly coming to me for advice about their relationships and love lives and i’m just


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There’s only one of me, just like there was only one of Beth.

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aaron tveit + singing faces
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do you ever say something and then 2 seconds later realize no no nOo nOONONOO I SHOULDNT HAVE SAID THAT


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Khattin Valery

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When someone tickles my neck.. 


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Have you ever paid really close attention to the twins when they were in immediate danger or in a situation where they were getting nervous or a little freaked out?

Because if you look closely, you see this happening a lot:

Whenever they get freaked out it’s like their natural reaction to hold onto each other.






And it’s not just that. Oh no, the twins get even more adorable, because have you seen the way Dipper looks after his sister?

Even from episode one, he always taken the time to look back and grab Mabel by the hand just to make sure she’s with him.

It happens throughout the whole season.

And if you notice it’s always Dipper leading, pulling his sister out of danger.

Mabel has saved him before too, of course. I’m not saying that she hasn’t. But what I am saying is that Dipper actively looks after her on an almost moment-to-moment basis. It’s like, Dipper sees danger and his first reaction is to grab Mabel.


But this makes sense! They are twins, so no one is really the “older sibling,” to a significant amount. This isn’t the standard “I must protect my younger sibling”. If anything, Mabel is older than Dipper. However, if you know anything about Dipper you have at least a general idea of how his mind works. He’s much more cautious than Mabel. He likes to think things through, and put pieces together. He pays attention to people and the world around him, unlike his sister who often lives in her own world.

It makes sense that he would take it upon himself to keep the two of them safe on their adventures. After all, he likes to think of himself as a hero, and when it comes to protecting his sister, he often is.

Don’t fully believe me yet?

When danger approaches, who stands in from of whom?




I’m not saying Mabel isn’t a hero, or is weak, or needs her brothers help. I’m saying Dipper is a kid who takes protecting his sister very seriously.

He cares about her and loves her.

They need each other. Both to balance each other’s polarized views of the world, and for comfort and security.

And this is never more obvious than in the devastating looks on their faces, and the way they try desperately to cling to each other’s hands, as they are torn apart.

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"you only watch football because they’re hot"



awww yes


look at that


bask in the glory 


such hotness


i swear to god this post is never going away is it

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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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